Vibe & Values:

Members of the FINISHIT community agree to uphold a vibe that looks something like this:

  1. SAFE ZONE: This community is about creating a safe space for people to try things, to put themselves out there, to be vulnerable, raw, and to share often-personal, sensitive expressions. It will be a community of non-judgement and non-criticism.

  2. IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE FUN: Creativity is about “play,” and we want to preserve an atmosphere akin to the playground at recess rather than to the classroom.

  3. PUT YOUR HEART INTO IT: Ideally your goal should allow you to turn off your brain and let your heart drive. In other words, work on something that’s truly meaningful to you.

  4. RESPECT CREATORS’ RIGHTS: Each participant agrees to protect the rights of the other creators in the community, promising to respect all “intellectual property,” and to not share/display/borrow from work that is not theirs. Many participants make their living from these expressions, or might one day, so all applicable copyright laws obviously still apply.