A JOY-BASED GOAL should feel like “happy homework”— like something you get to do, as opposed to something you “should be doing.”

FINISHIT is about giving yourself permission to practice a weekly activity that actually recharges your soul batteries—something that produces that “teenage energy” that you feel when you’re making something you truly care about.

It should be small enough to complete each week, but still feel like a worthy challenge.


For example, every week you could…

  • Finish a sketch or painting

  • Write a new song

  • Share a new photograph or series

  • Learn something new on a musical instrument.

  • Write a hand-written letter to someone new.

  • Write a short memoir.

  • Create a new flower arrangement.

  • Write a 3-page screenplay/scene.

  • Record yourself singing a new cover song.

  • Memorize and recite a speech/quote/verse.

  • Invent and share a teachable dance move.