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How the teams work:

We put teams together very carefully and purposefully. We want you on your 52-week journey with people that will inspire you, keep you accountable, and are in similar stages in their life and career (and ideally, time zone). 

If you’d like to put together your own “dream team” of creative friends, we are totally ok with this.  We try to keep teams between 5 and 10 people, and encourage a blend of various creative mediums represented in each group in order to keep the energy and conversation fresh.



We like to keep the technology side of things simple.  Each week you’ll communicate with your team (as much as you feel like) through private WhatsApp groups, HouseParty video hangouts, and hanging out with the community as a whole on Instagram livestreams. We suggest that teams set a standard time for a brief video check-in on Fridays, after everyone has posted their work, so members have an opportunity to share a little background on that week’s creation to the group.


We think setting your team’s weekly deadline to Friday is best so that you actually get to enjoy a well-deserved weekend.  Teams can decide for themselves if they want to strictly enforce this, depending on everyone’s work schedules and availability. One main purpose of this program is to practice a sustainable weekly rhythm that includes a joy-based creative outlet—NOT to fill up every minute of your free time with a side project. Your weekly goal should feed your soul with energy, but it should not compete with or replace your quality rest time.


The point of turning in your work to the group is not to be critiqued, judged, or rated in any way. Your team is there to encourage you, and cheer for the fact that you made it across the finish line that week. Some weeks may not be the most genius expression you’ve ever made, but your team’s job is to foster a safe zone and hold space for raw, “1st draft” versions of your work. More on how you post in Step 3.