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How the teams work:

We put teams together very carefully and purposefully. We want you to be surrounded on your 52-week journey by people that will inspired you, keep you accountable, and find themselves in similar spots in their life and career (and ideally, time zone).  If you’d like to put together your own “dream team” of creative friends, we are totally ok with this.  We encourage a blend of various creative mediums represented in each group in order to keep the energy and conversation fresh.



We like to keep the technology side of things simple.  Each week you’ll be communicating with your team (as much as you like) through private WhatsApp groups, HouseParty video hangouts, and (if you all live in the same city) in-person meet-ups.  Groups will discuss among themselves as to the best times for check-ins each week.  We suggest regular video check-ins via HouseParty on Fridays or Saturdays so team members have an opportunity to share a little background on their week’s work to the group.


Community-wide webinars with time for live Q&A will happen once each week, sometimes featuring special guests.  These will be recorded and saved for offline viewing in case you can’t make it in real time.  The webinars are meant to be “creativity pep talks” for the community mindset as a whole, and a place to discuss topics such as the creative process, and how to ensure that our art improves the quality of our lives.


At the beginning of each week, you’ll receive an email chock full of resources, inspiring links, and optional creative prompts meant to keep you inspired and on-track.  This is where you’ll hear the latest community announcements, webinar times, and highlights from within the community.