1. Download the app called Cluster and join our private community group. This is where you’ll post your work at the end of each week.

  2. Visit the FINISHIT Facebook page. First, “Like” us, then request to join the closed Facebook group called “FINISHIT Class of 2019”. You’ll be quickly approved and able to take part in ongoing discussions, read general announcements, and “meet”/connect with other members of the community.

  3. Hop on Instagram and request to follow . You’ll be quickly approved and able to watch our midweek livestreams that will appear in your stories. (If you can’t view it in realtime, these will also be available in the Archives.)

  4. Stay on-track with weekly events through the Official FINISHIT Calendar. Add it to your iCal and you’ll even get alerts to know when things are happening, such as Midweek Livestreams and Live Events.


  1. Decide on the best way to share your work each Friday. Cluster allows you to upload images, videos, text, and hyperlinks (in case you need to share a streaming link—for example, if you’re recording music, you can upload your work to an unlisted Youtube page and then share the link on Cluster.) Feel free to show some personality.

  2. On Cluster, open the “FINISHIT 2019 Q1” tab and post your work, basically the same way you would post something on Instagram. You can view everyone’s work in 2 view modes—Feed view or Gallery view (Cluster also provides a web/desktop version).

  3. Feel free to add a short backstory/caption to your post if you’d like to share what inspired your work that week. After posting, take a look at everyone’s work and drop a few encouragements into the comments.


  1. Ease into it. The first few weeks might require a little extra time and energy since you’ll be figuring out a few extra factors, such as how to present it to the group, how long your task is going to actually take each week, and when the best times will be for getting it done. Allow yourself some extra room for tweaking your process, or even the wording of your goal, in order to make sure you’re not overcommitting yourself. Think of it like the beginning of a long race….you don’t sprint right off the bat.

  2. Remember that your work is due ON FRIDAY, so think ahead about your week and determine when to carve out some dedicated time for diving into your joy-based goal. We believe in rewarding yourself with a proper, restful weekend, so aim for the gaps in your weekly schedule if possible.

  3. When it’s time to work on your project, set a timer for yourself, and really allow yourself to unplug from all distractions for that period of time. See if you can fully turn your brain off and let your heart drive. You can crank up your Inner Editor later, but for that span of time, practice just “going for it.”

4th: Accountability Teams

  1. For the people who chose to be a part of a small group/accountability group during the signup process, I’m going to take the first couple of weeks to figure out the best team formations, then I’ll create private galleries on Cluster for each team, and send/text out individual invites so you can join your small group’s team gallery.

  2. Inside your Cluster app, you’ll see a tab for the Community Gallery, and a tab for your team’s private gallery.

  3. If you’re on an accountability team, please post your work to your private group page, AND to the Community Gallery each Friday, so we can all see the community’s work as a whole.

Have additional questions or need extra help? Email us at