Am I required to be on an accountability team?

No. You’re welcome to share your work in the community gallery each week, and pick and choose which of the resources to take advantage of. Teams are designed for people that are inspired by the idea of group accountability, but that might not be for everyone, and that’s ok.

How will the community communicate with each other?

We like the idea of sticking to apps that you probably already use in daily life, so at this point, general community discussions will happen on WhatsApp, team video-checkins will use HouseParty, and weekly livestreams will come from a private Instagram account, only viewable by FINISHIT members.

Can I create my own accountability group?

Sure—if you have other friends in the FINISHIT community and would like to be on a team with them, by all means let us know.

What if I miss a week?

A 52-week challenge is a serious commitment, but life happens sometimes, and it’s totally up to you to know your boundaries decide if you need to skip a week.

What will a typical week look like?

  • On Mondays you’ll receive a “Monday Motivation” email in your inbox, which will contain a short blog/message from FINISHIT founder (and sherpa for 2019), Andy Davis, meant to put you in the right headspace for your creative work that week. The email might also include links to inspiring articles, podcasts, tools, books, or playlists for keeping you in the flow.

  • Midweek there will be a one-hour, members-only “livestream” coming from the private Instagram account, where Andy will touch on topics relevant to the 52-week journey, such as the creative process, productivity, and personal creative growth. Occasionally the livestreams will feature special guests or live performances. Exact times will be announced on Instagram and on the schedule inside the members area of the website.

  • Friday means it’s time to share your work! Right now image files and links to videos are the easiest way for us to share work with the community, so take a picture of what you made that week, and post it to the community gallery. Feel free to include a short caption/mini-blog if you’d like to share some backstory on your work that week. (Further instructions will be emailed to you on how the community gallery works.)

  • End-of-week video roundup - Accountability teams are encouraged to set up a standing video-chat meeting at the same time each week, to get a chance to catch up and share a little backstory on the work they finished that week. These aren’t mandatory, but can be a fun way to connect more with your team members. We suggest Friday, happy hour. ;)

  • SATURDAY/SUNDAY— Go have yourself a proper weekend and get ready to start fresh Monday morning!

Additional questions? Email us at